How to buy on our site?
Browse through the items on site using different categories, or search the favorite items via a search engine Website. Every page item you sign in, you can choose the Requested size for you, and add the item to your shopping cart by clicking the “Add to Cart”

What is “Cart”?
Cart allows you collect in one place all the items you like on the website and want to buy. To add an item to cart, click on the button “Add to Cart”, in every product page.
By clicking for “Cart” on the top right of each pageYou wiil see how many items have been added to your c.
After you will add each item to the shopping cart You wiil fill the order details and then click on the “Place Order” then fill out credit card information and click Pay now or pay via paypal.
You can continue to browse the store and add more items to your shopping basket.
your shopping basket will be saved in the on the website during your stay.

How do I know purchasing is completed successfully?
At the end of the buying process you will be taken to the page where you will be shown confirmation of order, and your order number.
Order confirmation will be sent automatically for your email address as well within 48 hours of checkout.
Tracking number will be sent after a few days – is our shipping international express delivery DHL is considered the world’s most successful and takes about 5 business days only to the most of the world from the time the shipment left the warehouse of wholesalers.

Does it happen sometimes that items are running out of stock?
Sometimes there are cases of any item is out of stock – in which case we will credit you a complete refund within 30 business days of the cancellation.
In this case, will send an email to you with an explanation and an option to choose – or purchasing model \ a different color or complete refund.
It should be noted that cases of returns are unique and rare, and they do not happen often.
We take care to maintain the website for a daily basis and are careful to avoid cases of lack of stock.

What is page 404?
Page 404 is a page that was before or has been removed or page that does not exist or because of wrong URL.
If you saved a link or arrived from old link  _ you saved in the past, its possible that the product or the page _ not exist anymore in stock or removed.

Is it true that every order you give a gift?
True, every order of a product you will get a gift.
Gifts changed from time to time, but most of the time these gifts related to the product you purchased.

From where the package arrives?
We work with suppliers and wholesalers from all over the world – Brazil, Italy, Hong Kong and ocarina.
We allowed only major suppliers and more responsible to work with us and site system will be here every step
Check to ensure proper delivery and quality of products.
87% of of shipments going from Hong Kongwith the a receipt from the real and authentic brands shop.

What should I do if I am not satisfied with the delivery arrived to me?
If for any reason you are not satisfied, please contact our customer service by email:
We handle any request for the best and we are here to ensure you receive the promised product.

What are the payment options on the website?
You can pay credit card option types of VISA and MasterCard and you can also pay with Paypal.
Credit card payment via a PayPal has an option to pay for almost all types of credit cards.
* There may be additional conversion charges costs _ from your the bank for currency exchange – this fee is not related to our website and we are not charge him – this payment associated with your bank.

Can I pay cash for purchase on the website?
No, payment is made _ by site system.

Are the prices of items on the website are the same as regular store prices?
No, we send the products directly from biggest wholesalers, the product is not sold to the many dealers before reaching the customer, its come directly to the consumer who makes the same product only without brokerage fees – we just we cut out the middleman.

What is a coupon code on the website?
Coupon code is a number that is sent time to time as a benefit to customers through various deals we have social networks generally.
Please note: In order to receive the benefit in the purchase must be registered coupon code at checkout in the designated area before clicking the “place order”.
We do not always have coupons, but only in special cases – to be updated Stay close to us on the social networks Facebook and Instagram.

Is website secure and safe to buy?
Yes, our website is a secure site, so that all data is removed our customers during the order on the website remain confidential and secure. Confidentiality is maintained through a dedicated e-commerce protocol (SSL Secure Socket Layer)
Used to encrypt the data from the time the admission system until being transferred to our customer service.

Is my credit card details are stored in the website?
No. Credit card details of customers to carry out on the website are not saved at all in website.

Can I buy gifts for family and friends through the site?
Yes! We are pleased to let you give gifts to relatives to you, and in front of you the way to do it:
Every item you purchase from on the website can also be sent as a gift to a destination that you choose. When you checkout,
While filling in personal details Please cube Notes This package is a gift and write down a target and a blessing for shipping and hide the prices on the items.

How to get the shipments and what is the shipping costs ?
Inside the package you will receive a paper invoice from the supplier of the product packaged in a box together with another gift that changes from time to time.
A Completely free shipping and no longer you will be not charged for any Order over $ 100.
There may be special cases add a fee for the difference in for arrival destinations unusual at the request of DHL.
In order to optimize the delivery to you, when you purchase on the website is recommended to choose shipping address where you spend most of your day – at work, at home or any other address of your choice.
DHL coordinate you anywhere near acceptable collection.

Will I need to pay tax on shipping to my country?
Suppliers register on packages are actually a gift to help you avoid paying duty.
In 99.5% of cases do not demand the packages of our suppliers in any country.

I decided I did not want the item I have purchased, what should I do?
You can return any item you bought on the website, within 30 days of Order and invoice together and you will get in return a refund, credit or replacement item chosen by the customer.

I made order on the website and regretted, what should I do?
In case of total cancellation after the order and before the package came from the land of the supplier you will be charged a total $ 15 handling fee. Please email customer service –

Can I make a return or exchange items purchased on the website?
Surely. If you wish, You can exchange or return the items purchased within 30 days from the date you paid. Send us
Back to the original carrying case packed package with the item and provide the original invoice, and You can replace it with another item or get a credit for future purchase or a full refund – your choice.
If regretted Although the items you bought were fine, you are entitled to full credit provide order offset cost of delivery of the package within 30 days after purchase.

How can I contact customer service?
Any question, please contact Customer Service by email
You can also contact us on your facebook or instagram.

How do I get a refund provide return of item?
You can receive a credit or refund to the credit card transaction. Promotional item will be purchased on the website within 30 business days of its return.
Sometimes refund processing time takes longer because of the transfer of money between different countries.
You can make the refund through paypal within 72 hours

If I chose to get monetary credit on ordering, should I cancel the transaction also with the credit card company?
We will cancel the transaction in relation to the credit card company, so there is no need to contact them directly.

I do not see credit card order canceling credit, what should I do?
To clarify the status of refund contact Customer Service by email

How soon will I get a response from the customer service?
We try our best to answer you as within to 10 hours of referral.
24 hours is the maximum.

I made order but my the transaction was canceled, why?

1. after the checkout, product ran out of stock.

2. your credit card information or details filled not accepted by the system.

In these cases the customer service you will be contacted.
For details and inquiries about products and delivery please contact customer service