Private Policy


1. Platform

1.1 The Website “brand” is an online trading platform established to connect the biggest fashion importers with consumers worldwide.

1.2 team site was created to handle customer service and ensure that every order as planned and that products will arrive as promised.

2. Site Security stands the highest standards of network information security. We are doing everything possible to protect your credit card information and your sensitive information.
The site works in the PCI-DSS payment the customer is transferred directly to the secure credit card company site that your credit card information is not saved at all site servers.
Credit card number and other information you enter when purchasing the system is sent directly to the credit card company site and unstored on-site in any way.
In this way is prevented from getting details
Of your credit card.

3. We respect your privacy. We will not provide, in any case, your account information with any third party except as necessary to complete the execution the transaction, the order and the delivery and / or service you have chosen to purchase.

4. The use of the site contents and services provided therein, you are offered subject to your acceptance of all conditions contained in these regulations.

5. browsing the site and / or your subscription for services, will be considered an agreement of these terms.

6. Site management may suspend, block or terminate immediately the user access to service the event of violation of the regulations.

7. Do not make the website or through any use for illegal purposes.

8. system failures

8.1 Site management do the best for the site and its services will be available at all times. However, management of the site can not guarantee the continuous availability without a hitch and without “falling”.

8.2 Site management may terminate the use of the Site from time to time for maintenance and organization. No compensation will be given / credit due to failures or outages.

9. system Products Ownership

9.1 All intellectual property rights belong to wholesalers, do not see the system as the owner of any of the products.

9.2 It is clarified that this site is an online trading platform is designed to connect consumers to the world’s largest dealers, saving many brokerage fees.

10. Replace items

10.1 We allow each customer to replace any reason without any additional cost.

10.2 Return on care delivery client responsibility.

11. Delivery

11.1 shipment is made by DHL, delivery time is not more than 12 days of international business.

11.2 The package will come door to door highest standards.

11.3 In exceptional case DHL will ask you an additional fee for delivery to far away addresses from the distribution center.
These cases are rare, but site system does not pay the extra expense in similar cases.
12. Cancellations \ refunds

12.1 We allow cancellation of the transaction for any reason, as long as the product conditions as you received it.
We allow you to return the product within 30 days from the time of purchase unused and no damage we will receive it back, and then your money will be refunded less the shipping costs.

12.2 charge cancellation fees in the amount of $ 15 In case of a complete cancellation of order by the customer

12.3 The cost of shipping and return responsibility for the buyer

12.4 In case of a refund should be sent to deliver the gift you received in the package

12.5 Refunds will be made within 30 days after receiving notice of cancellation by us

13. do not responsibility \ replacements \ Returns for gifts received
do not request to select a gift via email customer service

1.13 clarified that the gifts that come with shipments changed from time to time and do not e-mail or ask customer service about gifts – we will surprise you every time.